Elif Keser DDS PhD
Donald Nelson DMD
Serge Dibart DMD

Applications of Piezocision:​

1.  Distalization of buccal segments in adults
2.  Bite opening
3.  Severe torque issues
4.  Posterior crossbites on adults to avoid full corticotomies
5.  Posterior open bites and alveolar insufficiency
6.  Insufficient alveolar bone for implants
7.  Space closure when teeth are missing
8.  Impacted teeth
9.  Cases where Bisphonates have been used in the past
10. Anterior open bites
11. Enhancing movements with clear aligners
12. Bone augmentation of thin alveolar ridges

Dr. Donald Nelson is an Assistant Clinical Professor in Orthodontics at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and has taught orthodontics at NYU School of Dentistry as well.  His course material includes Early Skeletal Class II and Class III treatment and he teaches seminars on Complex Adult and Complex Adolescent Treatment. He has been the Director of the Orthognathics course at the Harvard Orthodontic program. Dr. Nelson is in full time clinical practice specializing in orthodontics on the North Shore of Boston. He has served as President of the Massachusetts Association of Orthodontists.  Dr. Nelson has incorporated piezocision into his clinical practice for over 10 years  and has lectured on the subject of Piezocision in contemporary orthodontics both nationally and internationally.

 Dr. Serge Dibart is Professor and Chair of the Department of Periodontology at the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. A graduate of Tufts and Boston Universities, he was a research associate in Dr. Sigmund Socransky's laboratory at the Forsyth Research Institute and the senior periodontist at Boston's Children's hospital prior to his Boston University appointment. He has been working on surgically accelerated orthodontics for the past 14 years. He has developed PiezocisionTM in 2009 as a minimally invasive alternative to the existing surgical procedures. He lectures extensively nationally and internationally. He has published in peer reviewed journals and is the author of 4 books (Wiley-Blackwell editors). He is a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and maintains a private practice limited to Periodontics and Implant Dentistry in Boston, MA.

Dr. Elif Keser is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Orthodontics at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine.  Her main interests are adult orthodontics, Orthodontics as part of a multidisciplinary approach and surgically accelerated orthodontics. She was acting program director of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics at Boston University Institute of Dental Research and Education in Dubai. She has worked extensively in management of multidisciplinary treatments with Dr. Galip Gurel in Istanbul, and has been working together with Dr. Dibart on Piezocision since 2009 at Boston University. She has  a private practice limited to Orthodontics in London, UK. She has published and lectured on the subject of piezocision internationally over the past 10 years.

Piezocison ​Course Programme:​
1 – Tuesday 5th October – Dr Dibart (Chair - Mr Jahrad Haq)
Principles of accelerated tooth movement. History and Biology
2 – Wednesday 6th October – Dr Nelson (Chair - Mr Jahrad Haq)
Piezocision: Rationale and Principles as applied to Orthodontic patients Part 1; Resolving Severe Spacing in adult patients,  Distalization in Class II Adult Patients and others
3 – Tuesday 12th October – Dr Dibart & Dr Keser (Chair - Mr Manisali)
From Corticotomy to Piezocision (SD) and Orthodontic principles for Accelerated Orthodontics  (EK)
4 – Tuesday 19th October – Dr Dibart (Chair - Mr Jahrad Haq)
Surgical Technique. Hard and soft tissue augmentation, Digital planning
5 – Friday 29th October - Dr Nelson (Chair - Mr Manisali)
Piezocision: Rationale and Principles as applied to Orthodontic patients Part 2 + Treatment of Severe Deep Anterior Overbites in adult patients,  Anterior Open Bite Adult case with TMD issues, resolving Transverse Deficiency in adult patients and others
6 – Tuesday 2nd November - Dr Keser (Chair - Mr Jahrad Haq)
Smile design, Clear aligners and Piezocision
7 – Monday 8th November – Dr Keser (Chair - Dr McMahon)
Piezocision in multidisciplinary cases
8 + 9– Monday 15th November – Dr Nelson, Dr Dibart & Dr Keser (Chair - Mr Manisali)
Piezocision: Rationale and Principles as applied to Orthodontic patients Part 3 ; +  Treatment of Severe Crowding in Adults on a Non-extraction BasisRegenerating Deficient Alveolar Ridges with piezocision-enhanced movements, Impacted Canines in Adults and others
Panel discussion and future applications

Cases will be presented with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment details.  

Didactic teaching
Interactive case discussion + Q&A
Covers all aspects of Piezocision

9 x One hour sessions + Case discussion

Sessions will be 7-8pm (London) for Participants
There will be an 'on demand' catch up facility for those who miss sessions